Family Ministries


Did you know that you, as a parent, are the single greatest influence on a child’s life? That’s why we don’t just value kids, we value you.

That’s also why we want to partner with you as a parent to help you have the best influence possible on your child.

We call that strategy our Orange strategy.


Here’s why. Take these two influences. Alone, both work hard to ensure that every child has a better future. But when they’re combined, the home and church will always have a greater impact.

Red + Yellow = Orange

Home + Church = Greater Impact.

So watch for the moments our team comes alongside you as a parent to help at home. On Sundays, we’ll often send resources home with you to help you make the most of the time you have each week with your kids, leveraging the moments you have with them to build faith and character in your child’s life.

Kids Programs (JK – Gr 6)

Each Sunday during service (dismissal during service) we have programs for Ages 3-Grade 6. This allows your child to worship with you as a family, and yet still have a specific teaching geared to their age level. This is a time for us to invest in our kids and our future and it happens every single week!

Youth Ministry Overview:

Our programs run mostly on Wednesday nights throughout the school year, and for special events in the summer. Here youth come, mix, mingle, and start to build formative relationships. Our hope is to provide pivotal relationships and mentors for your youth. As they develop and form it is important to have valued adult friendship.

Jr Youth (Gr 6-8) runs Wednesday from from 7-8:30 @ PEMC

Sr Youth (Gr 9-12) runs each Wednesday from 7-8:30 @ PEMC and Friday from 7-10pm

For more information please contact our office.