Some of the first questions people ask when they come to the church is, “Where do I fit?” or “How do I get connected?”.

Our answer… LIFE GROUPS!

Life Groups are small groups of people who meet weekly to grow in relationship with Jesus and with each other. We don’t want people to feel lost or to stop at solely attending weekend services. We are all about people and their walks with Christ, and we want to see people enjoying the benefits of church community. We have life groups available throughout every demographic and the ministries highlighted in this booklet will help you find the group that will be the best fit for your stage of life. Please contact us and we can help get you connected!

Next Steps

Have questions about Plattsville Church? Wondering how to get more involved? Ready to take a next step and want us to help? No matter where you are in life and no matter how many times you’ve attended Plattsville, we want to help you take your next best step. Sign up today!

Share Your Story:

The best way to get to know someone is to sit down and share your stories. We’d love to hear yours. Simply email or talk to Andrew or Gen  and we’d love to get together and hear what God’s doing in your life. Sharing stories is the starting of growth and connection, so why not start there? To touch base with someone from church just email our church office.

Cell Groups

Cells are more than just a social club or a Bible study.  Cells are about the family of God loving and supporting each other, pursuing God and growing in faith together.  We were never meant to do the Christian walk alone, so sign up today to take your next step toward growing in your love for God and others.

Get Connected

If you’d like to get a mailbox, become a member, or get offering envelopes simply contact the church office.